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Media Release 16/9/2023

Bullock Cleared: Industry Far From Exonerated

The Office of Racing Integrity has released the first part of its report into the investigation of greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock. It provides a ​damning insight into the abject failings of the industry to adequately oversee the welfare of the dogs they exploit.

The report lists multiple issues at the Bullock property, including damp and insufficient bedding, parasites including hook worms, whip worms, and ​fleas, dehydrated and anemic dogs, unsuitable housing due to dangerous sharp tin edges, and dental problems amongst several dogs.

“All of this has occurred under the watch of the Office of Racing Integrity, Tasracing, the state government, even the RSPCA. Lax regulations, animal ​welfare manuals that are guidelines rather than rules and quote the Bible as justification for the use of animals in the industry, poor dog welfare ​legislation, all combined to allow Bullock to subject those dogs to this treatment for years unchecked.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson, Animal ​Liberation Tasmania.

“It is an abject embarrassment to the industry and government, that rather than regulatory bodies and the industry addressing these issues years ​ago, it took a private individual risking their liberty and safety to show the world exactly what this industry and Bullock have been hiding for years.” -​Kristy Alger, Animal Liberation Tasmania.

“Bullock is Tasmania’s leading greyhound trainer. He’s also the industry’s own worst kept secret. Everyone knew what he was doing; not one person ​in the industry did a thing about it.” -Kristy Alger, Animal Liberation Tasmania.

Whilst Bullock has been ostensibly cleared of animal welfare charges relating to the keeping of the dogs he trains, he still faces allegations of using ​animal parts as a lure. This carries a life ban as a penalty. We await the findings of the second part of this inquiry; hopefully the Office of Racing ​Integrity and the powers that be choose to move with more haste than has been demonstrated thus far.

Animal Liberation Tasmania is an animal advocacy group founded in 2016, operating in lutruwita/Tasmania.

We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded lands of the many palawa pakana peoples of lutruwita, and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

Always was, always will be, Aborginal land.

We are committed to creating safer spaces for all people, with a commitment to the principles of total liberation.

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ABN 96 232 357 293

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