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Media Release 25/10/2023

Anthony Bullock Receives Lifetime Disqualification

Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) understands that the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) today intends to hand Tasmania's leading greyhound trainer ​Anthony Bullock a lifetime disqualification from greyhound racing.

This comes after a protracted investigation, following the release of footage by ALT from Bullock's property in Exeter showing appalling conditions, as ​well as numerous deceased pademelons, pieces of slaughtered horses rotting in a ute tray, what appeared to be small animal cages/traps, and ​general disarray. The community outrage following this release of footage was widespread.

Though Bullock was controversially cleared of wrong-doing regarding the conditions the greyhounds were kept in, it was those images that sparked an ​investigation of Bullock's property leading to allegations of illegal lure usage, namely animal parts.

This announcement by ORI occur less than a fortnight after Bullock yet again received the Tasracing industry award for the 2022-23 leading ​greyhound trainer.

"Whilst Animal Liberation Tasmania welcomes this pending news, we are yet again reminded that without the actions of a single private individual ​with a drone, this outcome would not have eventuated. Bullock apparently was the subject of multiple inspections by industry representatives and ​RSPCA Tasmania, with the latter apparently visiting over a dozen times in the year prior to the ALT release of footage. They missed all of this for ​years." -Kristy Alger, ALT spokesperson.

"Tasracing have only just released their Annual Report for 2022-23; at least the name of Anthony Bullock will forever be written into that report, and ​all the years he won prior, as a representative of this exploitative industry." -Kristy Alger, ALT spokesperson.

The question now remains as to the fate of those dogs whom Anthony Bullock owns. Under a permanent disqualification, he will not be permitted to ​continue ownership of those dogs, or keep others in his "care."

"ALT demands that those dogs whom Bullock owns be seized, and placed with reputable rescue organisations across Tasmania, at Tasracing's ​expense. They received nearly $34 million dollars of direct government funding for the 2022-23 period. Of that a paltry $235 000 was dedicated to ​greyhound welfare contributions. Tasracing spent more on greyhound breeding bonuses. Bullock was a symptom of an avaricious and exploitative ​system; the industry should foot the bill for the rehabilitation of these dogs." -Kristy Alger, ALT spokesperson.

Ms. Alger also warns that this does not end with Bullock.

"The entire industry should consider this a warning; you are on notice. Following Bullock, ALT has shown conditions at the Johnson property in Leith, ​and the Nichols & Nash property at Birralee, as well as exposed the industry's failure to safeguard the welfare of retired greyhounds, through the story ​of the ill-fated Zipping Princess. People know, they see, and they are appalled at what this industry has gotten away with in plain view of the ​authorities for so long." -Kristy Alger, ALT spokesperson.

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We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded lands of the many palawa pakana peoples of lutruwita, and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

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