Media Release 10/8/2023

More greyhound property drone footage published

Animal Liberation Tasmania has released further footage from Tasmania's greyhound racing industry.

The footage was reportedly captured on the 23rd July 2023, the same week as the footage from Bullock's property.

That release of footage resulted in an investigation into Bullock's activities and the suspension of his racing licence.

"What we see at Johnson's is more of the same disregard for the dogs themselves. No bedding, little to no actual protection from the cold, they're just racked up like tools waiting to be used." -Kristy Alger, Animal Liberation Tasmania

"It is becoming evident that this is the industry standard for storing dogs until they are needed for racing."- Kristy Alger

"Of concern is the proximity of a number of dogs to the holding pens of Johnson's slaughterhouse, where it is widely known horses from the racing industry often end up. Those dogs are being exposed to the sounds and smells of stressed animals at slaughter; anyone who knows greyhounds as individuals knows just how sensitive they can be to such stimulus." -Kristy Alger

Animal Liberation Tasmania has committed themselves to showing the truth of the greyhound racing industry, and showing what the standard of this industry is.