Media Release 13/12/2023

Nichols & Nash revisited for a closer look

Animal Liberation Tasmania has released further footage from the Birralee property of Lynden Nichols and Carol 6, showing a closer view of the conditions at the property.

Footage published by ALT on 19/10/2023 provided an aerial view of the property, including the poor conditions and the extensive use of a treadmill to exercise dogs. This time, the drone went in for a closer look.

The footage shows barren kennels inside the sheds, with signs of dogs having chewed or pulled on the wire cages. The sheds themselves are dilapidated, with rust and mould on the concrete walls visible, due to the use of a hose as the shed's only cooling system. The outdoor runs contain much the same as has been seen elsewhere, with rund-down sheds with exposed tin edges, dirty straw bedding, and inadequate shelter available to the dogs. Numerous buckets and pots are evidenced, gathering algae and providing the perfect breeding ground for biting insects, which are visible in the footage.

The footage was captured in November 2023. That same month, two greyhounds trained at this property suffered fractured hocks in separate racing incidents. Kylian was injured on 20/11/2023, and is reported by ORI to be "recovering" at the property. Where's Lily was injured on 21/11/23; she was subsequently killed.

According to ORI, the conditions we see at the Nichols and Nash property comply with the racing regulations and the relevant animal welfare legislation.